I searched through many Tuition websites reading the credentials of tutor's trying to find who I felt would be the best tutor for my son. I'm extremely happy that I came across Vidya's profile and she is tutoring my son for Maths GCSE. 
Where do I start; Vidya understood my sons nature from our initial online meeting (all tuition has been online due to the pandemic) She made him feel relaxed and picked up on his learning requirements. Her nurturing side and ability to explain complex maths questions is fantastic. She is always a message away when my son needs to ask her anything he doesn't understand. Vidya has helped tremendously to build my sons confidence in maths. I have seen how much he is progressed within a few months. A young boy who once dreaded maths, is now breaking down his fear barriers of the subject. I honestly can't thank Vidya enough for all that she has doing. She's the best! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER :) 
Vidya is absolutely amazing - I couldn’t recommend her any more highly. From our first meeting she understood our requirements and concerns regarding our daughters learning and with her psychology background was able to pick up on her anxieties. Our daughter warmed to V straight away and through the lessons has opened up with her self confidence and belief making strides that isn’t just noticed by us as parents but also by her teachers at school. The lessons are focused on our daughters needs moving at her speed and always fun so our daughter looks forward to each and every lesson. 
Vidya has helped my son to regain confidence in his English skills. She creates a comfortable learning environment and this allows him to relax and overcome his learning difficulties. We value her feedback in helping us understand how best to help him. I would definitely recommend Vidya as a tutor. 
Vidya has been helping my son for almost a year, I have seen major improvements. She take the time to thoroughly review what best suits your child's learning needs. We value her teaching ethics as this has allowed my son to overcome what learning difficulties he had. We appreciate her feedback as she keep us in the loop on what's best for him. My son has regain confidence and better understand his math and English which were the subjects he most struggled in. I would recommend Vidya as a tutor simply because of my son's progress. 
Vidya has been tutoring me A-level Chemistry for the past 2 months and I have seen major progress in both my educational attainment and self-confidence. She has helped me tremendously in exam practice and technique. My knowledge and confidence have increased through her planned lessons which work alongside my six form schedule. She is always there when I need her and has been someone I can work openly with, which I am extremely grateful for. I would highly recommend Vidya for tutoring. 
Vidya has been tutoring my son A-level Psychology for the past four months. With an enthusiastic approach to the subject, my son looks forward to each tutoring session. It is evident that Vidya is genuinely passionate about the subject and helping her students grow in confidence. My son’s knowledge has rapidly improved and Vidya has gone above and beyond to help him understand more than what is required of the syllabus. I would highly recommend Vidya. 
Vidya has been tutoring my daughter for the past 3 months since she started secondary school and has really helped with the transition from primary to secondary. She is well prepared for her lessons with good relevant material, puts thought into tailoring the lessons for individual needs and takes time to explaining key concepts to my daughter. 
As well as her obvious technical competency it is apparent that Vidya genuinely cares about her students and her approach is a very caring/nurturing one so the pupil very quickly feels comfortable in her presence and wants to learn and looks forward to the lessons. 
Vidya also knows the curriculum very well and has often taught concepts to my daughter before they come up in class so my daughter is always on the front foot. 
The focus over the past few months has been English and writing skills but because they are very important skills to master and cuts across so many topics I am happy with the being the focus, however if you ever want Vidya to focus on anything else, for example revision or preparation for an exam she is very flexible and will change her lesson plan to accommodate. 
I would highly recommend Vidya for tutoring and my daughter and I look forward to working with her in the future. 
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